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Vendor Profile - Becky's Botanique

What will customers find in your V54 booth space:

-vintage home & goods



What styles will customers find in your V54 booth space:

● Antique - any item created or produced more than 100 yrs prior to purchase.

● Tru Vintage - any item created or produced 50 yrs prior to purchase.

● New Vintage - any item created or produced 20 yrs prior to purchase.

● Retro - any item created or produced 10 yrs prior to purchase.

● Re-purposed - an original item or material given a new purpose or use.

● Up-cycled - any item created or produced using ordinary objects to make something extraordinary.

● Hand Crafted/Hand Made - any item created by hand labor.

● Original Work - any item that is a result of independent effort.

● Vintage Inspired - any mass produced item that is influenced by vintage design.

Describe your v54 booth space:

My booth reflects my love for ceramics, textiles, and interesting serving pieces. I have a definite affinity for anything botanical.

How long have you been collecting and selling your wares:

I've been collecting since I was a teenager, but this is my first foray into selling.

Do you have a private collection, and if so, what do you collect:

I love American Art pottery and textiles. I've been collecting pottery and ceramics for years. I'm also a collector of houseplants! Reading is another passions of mine, so books will be in the booth occasionally.

Who is your favorite artist:

T.C. Steele, but my favorite painting in the world is "Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch - which I had the great pleasure of seeing in Madrid.

Do you have a career outside of the V54 world:

I'm retired from a 42-year career as a dental hygienist.

What do you do for fun:

I love traveling with my husband. I am an avid gardener; indoors and out. I read and enjoy sewing. I'm teaching my 3 granddaughters to sew. I also love to set a beautiful table for dinners with family and friends.

And your family:

My husband of 44 years is a semi-retired attorney. We have 3 adult children, all married. Our daughter is a French professor and mother of our 3 granddaughters. Our older son is an attorney. And our younger son & step-father to our grandson - John - is a chef and full-time college student.

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