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Recently named "The Barrel Building", this enticing, steel-framed building has been the home to a number of businesses. 

The building was constructed in 1927, and was originally the home to Leaders Specialty, manufactures of plumbing fittings and valves. Around 1958, Dow Corning Insulation moved their business in for about 10 years.


The Amie family purchased the building from Corning, and moved their family business "Handy Hardware" in.  They manufactured carwash parts, as well as auto-body kits for Auburn Boat Tail Speedsters. 

The final owners, before its current owner purchased the Barrel Building, was the Hughey Hartmen family, who purchased in 1977. The Hartmens housed their family upholstery business here in the building. 


The hope and vision for the Barrel Building is to give life to its original 1920's flare. The now exposed trusses and barrel ceiling on the main floor bring an open and inviting feeling to the expansive space.


Custom Living, residential remodeling specialists who call The Barrel Building their office and showroom "home", have been envisioning and executing the rehabilitation process. Little by little, the building's facelift is bringing a new feel to Winthrop Avenue.

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