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Vendor Profiles

Vendor Name: Lauren Riley Maire

Booth/Business Name: Shop Flora & Fauna

What will customers find in your V54 booth space?

  • Vintage Home & Goods

  • Clothing & Accessories

  • Jewelry

  • Art

  • Garden

  • Speciality

What style(s) will customers find in your V54 booth space?

  • Antique - any item created or produced more than 100 yrs prior to purchase.

  • Tru Vintage - any item created or produced 50 yrs prior to purchase.

  • New Vintage - any item created or produced 20 yrs prior to purchase.

  • Retro - any item created or produced 10 yrs prior to purchase.

  • Repurposed - an original item or material given a new purpose or use.

  • Hand Crafted/Hand Made - any item created by hand labor.

  • Original Work - any item that is a result of independent effort.

  • Market/New, and/or Wholesale Items - items purchased in quantities from a manufacturer.

Describe your V54 booth space in 50 words or less:

I hope people feel that my booth transports them all over the glove with my pieces that have been sourced from all over the world.

How long have you been collecting and selling your wares? I have been collecting special pieces for as long as I can remember. It is innate to me.

Do you have a private collection and if so, what do you collect? I collect blue & white, handmade global textiles, antique Indian art, Native American silver/turquoise, design books, natural curiosities & textiles.

Who is your favorite artist? Depends on the day! Picasso, Rothko, Jefferson Hayman, Georgia O'Keeffe. I love Asian chinoiserie scenic art.

Do you have a career outside of the V54 world? My husband and I build and renovate historic parts of Indy. I am also a commercial spec rep. And have worked at various firms in town.

What do you do for fun? Concerts, try new restaurants, hang out with my husband and dog, travel to new places, shop & collect, keep up with friends, garden, host dinner parties, floral arranging.

And your family… My husband Briand and I have been together a decade and have a 10 year old male long haired dachshund named Poppy and we call him Pop Dawg!

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