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  • Traci Rodgers

Vendor Profile - Happy Days

Vendor Name: Whitney Raver

Booth/Business Name: Happy Day

What will customers find in your V54 booth space:

Vintage Home & Goods

  • Clothing & Accessories

  • Jewelry

  • Consumable Yummies

  • Art

  • Children

  • Signs

  • Garden

  • Speciality

What style(s) will customers find in my V54 booth space...hi-lite all that apply:

  • Vintage Home & Goods

  • Clothing & Accessories

  • Art

  • Children

  • Garden

  • Speciality

What styles will customers find in your V54 booth space:

  • Tru Vintage - any item created or produced 50 yrs prior to purchase.

  • New Vintage - any item created or produced 20 yrs prior to purchase.

  • Retro - any item created or produced 10 yrs prior to purchase.

  • Re-purposed - an original item or material given a new purpose or use.

  • Hand Crafted/Hand Made - any item created by hand labor.

  • Original Work - any item that is a result of independent effort.

  • Market/New, and/or Wholesale Items - items purchased in quantities from a manufacturer.

Describe your V54 booth space in 50 words or less:

Distinctive products for the home...with a bit of whimsy & handmade

How long have you been collecting and selling your wares?

I’ve been collecting for as long as I can remember. I inherited the thrifting bug from my grandfather & passion for design and modern architecture from my mom.

Do you have a private collection and if so, what do you collect?

Knoll, MCM, childrens' art, modern objects and ceramics.

Who is your favorite artist?

Andy Warhol

Do you have a career outside of the V54 world?

Account manager for a commercial office environment - a Haworth furniture dealer.

What do you do for fun?

Explore art museums, I am a member of Design Arts Society...hang out at Newfields whenever possible, photography and thrifting!

And your family…

Amazing sons - Berkeley & Wyatt...juniors in high husband Josh and a sheepadoodle….I adore and love them with all my heart:)

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