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  • Traci Rodgers

Are You Feeling Lucky?

"Your house should tell who you are, not where you shop. I don't want to walk into a room and be able to tell exactly what store everything came from."

-Hildi Santo Tomás

Trading Spaces designer

Hildi Santo Tomás is certainly feeling lucky with the much anticipated reboot/return of Trading Spacing on April 7.

Vintage 54 Collective is "Not Your Average Antique Shop"...and Ms. Santo Tomás is not your average designer! If you watched Hildi on Trading Spaces 10 years ago you probably remember her bathroom flower wall...or the mural of her face on a family's living room wall! Vintage 54 Collective's eleven independent dealers make up a well-curated space in the lower level of the Barrel Building. Come explore a unique collection of furniture, home decor, clothing, art, rare books and more. And thru March 17 we invite you to search our unique touch a little closer to see if you can find the hidden Leprechaun. If you do, show the dealer working the shop and you will receive 10% off one item of your choice...and you will get to rehide the Leprechaun!

We're constantly changing, so make sure to visit often! YOUR home deserves OUR unique touch!

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