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Vintage 54 Collective Pet BOOrade

Vintage 54 Collective Pet BOOrade

Judges will announce a winner in five categories. Bring your best costume to celebrate the Vintage 54 Collective Pet BOOrade! Dress Up with your pet in homemade costumes for bonus points!

Five Contest Categories

1 Scooby Doo:

Funniest Costume... If our judges split a gut laughing when they see it, they’ve found the winner!

2 Doggie Diva:

Most Creative Costume... Use your imagination to create the most unusual entry for your female!

3 Macho Mutt:

Over-the-Top Costume...Use your design skills and bring your male dog in the most extreme costume!

4 Owner/Pet Look-a-Like:

Can’t Tell Us Apart Costume....If our judges can’t tell who’s who, they’ve found the winners!

5 Pack Pick:

More Than One Mutt...Better make them scary cause that’s what counts!

Judging Criteria

Each contest will have two judges. A winner for each category will be announced at 4:30 pm. Use your imagination! Homemade costumes are often the best. Even if you want to get a store-bought costume, homemade details will make it your own!

Contest Rules

Entrants must fill out a registration form with name, contact information and a description of your dog(s) and the costume clearly written if you would like the MC to announce your dog and to be included in our winners' publicity.

• Entrants will be given a participant number which much be worn so that it is visible to the judges.

• Dogs must be leashed at all times.

• Each dog must have his/her own adult walker.

• Entrants must gather at the parade loop at least at 4:00 with a completed registration form

• The judges’ decisions are final.

• No entrant is eligible for more than one award.


Please check our website after the event to see if your dog’s photos are included in our blog.

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