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Vendor Profile: Sara of Lux & Ivy

Vendor Name:

Sara Baldwin Schatz

Booth/Business Name:

Lux & Ivy

What will customers find in your V54 booth space:

  • Vintage, Hand-altered & Resale Clothing

  • Handmade & Vintage Jewelry

  • Apothecary Items

What styles will customers find in your V54 booth space:

  • True Vintage - any item created or produced 50 yrs prior to purchase.

  • New Vintage - any item created or produced 20 yrs prior to purchase.

  • Retro - any item created or produced 10 yrs prior to purchase.

  • Vintage Inspired - any mass produced item that is influenced by vintage design.

Describe your V54 booth space:

Lux & Ivy is a styled brand featuring new, vintage and handmade pieces. The look of the brand is inspired by punk music and 90s grunge, with a feminine flair.

How long have you been collecting and selling your wares?

I started Lux & Ivy as an Etsy shop in 2010, to make extra money during my last year of college. When I moved back to Indianapolis, I started attending flea markets and bazaars, and John Zeps offered me a spot at his record store, Vibes Music, where I sold punk-inspired new and vintage clothing for guys & girls. That was in 2012, and that was when Lux & Ivy really took off.

Do you have a private collection and if so, what do you collect?

I collect 90s Betsey Johnson clothing. The velvet! The florals! Oh my!

Who is your favorite artist?

I think of the term “artist” as very broad. My favorite band is Sonic Youth. My favorite photographers are Diane Arbus and Cindy Sherman. I’m a comic book nerd so I love female illustrators. Right now I’m obsessed with Robin Eisenberg.

Do you have a career outside of the V54 world?

Outside of Vintage 54, I am a newspaper editor for Current Publishing. I work mostly from home and I have two little ones who are home with me most of the time.

What do you do for fun?

I don’t get to do a lot “for fun” these days, but one thing I do is volunteer for Girls Rock! Indy. They are an amazing organization that provides summer camps where young females learn how to play instruments in a band, and offers other creative workshops. Being involved with Girls Rock has been life changing for me.

And your family…

My husband, Kevin, and I live in Carmel with our two boys - Oskar, 4, and Sagan, 10 months.

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