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  • Traci Rodgers

Vendor Profile: Jeanie & JML

Vendor Name:


Booth/Business Name:


What will customers find in your V54 booth space:

  • Vintage Home & Goods

  • Art

  • Garden

What styles will customers fine in your V54 booth space:

  • Antique - any item created or produced more than 100 yrs prior to purchase.

  • Tru Vintage - any item created or produced 50 yrs prior to purchase.

  • New Vintage - any item created or produced 20 yrs prior to purchase.

  • Retro - any item created or produced 10 yrs prior to purchase.

  • Hand Crafted/Hand Made - any item created by hand labor.

  • Original Work - any item that is a result of independent effort.

Describe your V54 booth space:

A collection of antique and vintage furniture and decor.

How long have you been collecting and selling your wares?

I have been collecting all my life...Grandparents owned an antique shop in Missouri and partnes have collected for years.

Do you have a private collection and if so, what do you collect?

Vintage and antique pottery

Do you have a career outside of the V54 world?

I am retired from the criminal justice system

What do you do for fun?

Garden and cook

And your family…

A daughter and four grandsons in Dallas….fortunate enough to have both parents still with me.

Take a pic of yourself in your booth space and copy/paste it here:

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