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  • Traci Rodgers

Dorm Decor a la Vintage 54

The average dorm room is around 130 square feet...but this little space is getting lots of attention nowadays:

Dorm Decor employs college students to be on campus ambassadors of their product line of pillows, comforters, cubbies, drapes and more via social media:

Home decor magazines include annual publications on dorm life:

Vintage 54 Collective invites @butleruniversity @iupui @marianuniversity to visit 5335 Winthrop Avenue's Barrel Building and explore our ten unique vendor spaces all located under one will find that we are not your average antique shop! We also know you will find that one vintage item that will set your 2019 dorm room apart from all the others!

Visit us soon...and turn your dorm room in to a dorm dream!

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